Caravan Hire Star Rating

This is a white paper for discussion


    Caravan Hire Rating System

    Its long over due a clear star system to help hirers when comparing quality and price of hire.

    No caravan is the same there are major differences just with the same manufacture and model. The age of the van is the key compare a eight year old with a nearly new say a 4 year old. For the hirer it could be the difference between central heating and just a gas fire in the reception and no heaters in the bedrooms and a electric storage heater in the toilet and shower room. Older van can have poor heating systems especially with single  glazed windows. In the summer months this may not be a problem but in the evenings can be a problem where temperatures plummet.  With modern up to date heating you can set the heating on low just to keep the cold at bay and for full control.

    Caravan owners  should be able to assess their own caravans after all the purpose of the rating system is to help hirers make an informed choice. Who wants to be over charge for quality that is not there.


    There are seven key areas of assessment:

    The standards are identical to those that will be applied by AA, RAC, VisitEngland, VisitScotland and VisitWales for assessing the quality of Self Catering in Britain. Your rating will be the same whichever organisation carries out your assessment.
    If you choose to be assessed by more than one organisation, each organisation will award you the same star rating.

    Any exceptions will need a proportional increase in quality in other areas to compensate for the area where an exception is sought.

    An establishment will need to satisfy three elements to reach a particular star rating:
    • All relevant requirements must be met.
    • The overall percentage score for quality must reach the appropriate band 
    • The relevant standard of quality in the six critical areas, as highlighted below.

    There are seven key areas of assessment:
    The five most critical areas are highlighted above. The star rating level across all of these five areas must be met in order to achieve a particular star rating. Where additional facilities are provided e.g. spa, these will also be assessed.

    There are five levels of quality ranging from One to Five Stars. To obtain a higher star rating a progressively higher quality and range of services and physical facilities should be provided across all areas with particular emphasis in six key areas:
    • cleanliness • service • food• bedrooms • bathrooms • hospitality

    The owner should be able to judge their star rating from the following

    5 star will be for caravans up to 5 years of age, a dish washer and clothing washer as standard. SkyQ and free WiFi , ramp access, two toilets and at leased a 8 berth  three bedroom capapacity.  Outside decking and furniture. Gas central heating and hot water,  with double glazed windows.

    4 star will be from five to eight years old,No dish washer, but with a clothes washing machine, SkyQ and WiFi, steps access no ramp, from 4 berth to 10 birth, with decking and at least two bedrooms, two toilets, Gas central and hot water. Double glazed.


    3 Stars will be from six to eight years old, no dish washer, no cloth washer or dryer,  No SkyQ or WiFi only free view.

    2 Stars will be from From 8 years old,  no dish washer or washing machine, one toilet, no gas central heating only electric, no decking or outside furniture.

    1 Star will be from 8 years of age, no dish washer or  clothes washer,  one toilet, no gas central heating, no decking or outside furniture.

    Research indicates that quality is of key importance but visitors also expect the level of services and range of facilities to increase at each star rating level.

    When we are assessing quality we take into account the following:
    • Intrinsic quality – the inherent value  one star are for  five to 10 year old plus properties, 
    • Condition – the maintenance and appearance of an item. Is it fit for the purpose? Tired and  need of updating 1 to 2 stars,
    • Physical and personal comfort – does the quality of an item detract in any way from the comfort of the user? 1 to 2 stars.
    • Attention to detail – the evident care taken to ensure that the guest experience is special and of the same high standards for all. 3 stars to 5 stars
    • Guests’ choice and ease of use – the guest experience is enhanced through choice – be it the choice of facilities in each room or the choice of room temperature. This is further improved by how usable the guest finds the room and its contents.
    • Presentation – the way the room and its contents are presented for guests’ arrival and during their stay.

    One Star
    Factors which indicate the minimum level of quality equivalent to One Star. Items may be described as acceptable. Generally, everything must be safe and clean, and older items, or those lacking in intrinsic quality, must work and be fit for their purpose. There should be no outstanding need for immediate repair and maintenance. This level will be presented to the consumer as a Fair and Adequate standard. The price charged will reflect up to £50 per night.

    BEDROOMS – Adequate standard.
    BATHROOMS – Adequate standard.
    CLEANLINESS – Adequate standard.
    PUBLIC AREAS – referring to the site
    KITCHEN – Adequate standard.
    EXTERIOR – Adequate standard.

    Freeview TV and DVD player 
    4 berth one bedroom, no gas central heating, electric heating, electric shower, Electric oven & hob. Quality of mattresses, Quality of cooking equipment. No outside furniture, no decking, no ramp access.




    Two Star
    Factors which indicate a quality level commensurate with Two Star. Items may be described as Quite Satisfactory to Satisfactory. Generally described as ‘quite satisfactory’, these items may be of simple quality and the range may be limited. However, they should be in good working order and there will be a high standard of cleanliness. This level will be presented to the consumer as a Satisfactory overall standard of quality.
    the price charged between  £20 to £30 per night.

    BEDROOMS -Satisfactory overall standard of quality.
    BATHROOMS -Satisfactory overall standard of quality.
    CLEANLINESS – Satisfactory overall standard of quality.
    PUBLIC AREAS – referring  to the site
    KITCHEN -Satisfactory overall standard of quality.
    EXTERIOR -Satisfactory overall standard of quality.





    Three Star
    Factors which indicate a quality level commensurate with Three Star. Items may be described as Good. Generally described as ‘good’. Not necessarily expensive, but they must be of good, sound quality and show some care has been taken. There must be a good standard of maintenance and decoration. This level will be presented to the consumer as a Good standard.
    the price charged from £30 to £40 per night 

    BEDROOMS -Good standard.
    BATHROOMS -Good standard.
    CLEANLINESS -Good standard.
    PUBLIC AREAS – referring  to the site
    KITCHEN -Good standard.
    EXTERIOR -Good standard.


    Four Star
    Factors which indicate a quality level commensurate with Four Star. Items may be described as Good to Very Good. Generally described as ‘very good’. May be brand new, but not of the highest intrinsic quality or originally of high intrinsic quality, but not now necessarily in the best condition. This level will be presented to the consumer as a Very Good standard.
    price charged from £50 per night

    BEDROOMS -Very Good standard.
    BATHROOMS -Very Good standard.
    CLEANLINESS -Very Good standard.
    PUBLIC AREAS – referring  to the site
    KITCHEN -Very Good standard.
    EXTERIOR -Very Good standard.

    Five Star
    Factors which indicate a quality level commensurate with Five Star. Items may be described as Excellent. Generally described as ‘excellent’. Providing high standards in the overall fabric of the building both internally and externally; together with excellent standards of management efficiency and guest services. This level will be presented to the consumer as an Excellent standard.

    price charged from £50 to £150 per night.

    BEDROOMS -Excellent standard.
    BATHROOMS -Excellent standard.
    CLEANLINESS -Excellent standard.
    PUBLIC AREAS – referring  to the site
    KITCHEN -Excellent standard.
    EXTERIOR -Excellent standard.

    The owner will have costs charged by the site owners from £150 per week. If an owners wants to cover these minimum charges and not make a profit. The price should reflect the quality provided. It would be expected a five star would command a  higher price hire. Even a one star will have the same costs to the owner with five stars.

    If the owner is being charged by the park £150 per week, the hire rate is going to be over £150 per week. Peak periods are charged differently when a park hirer charge £1300 for a week in August with free entertainment passes. We can gauge a more competitive price for holiday makers. Entertainment passes are the same price for all owners but owners can order these for their paying guests  at the same rate charged by the park. Owners may wish to cover these charges in their hirer rate. For 8 guests this comes to £200 for a week. 





    A ten year old accommodation could qualify for 5 stars but this raises the value of the accommodation.  The value could be in the region of 10k compared with a property of 80k When comparing the two values.  This raises the quality between the two comparisons it is unfair the 10 year property to command a five star rating, when in real terms the 10 year property will have limitations on specifications. No central heating, poor ventilation no extractors in shower or kitchen. Seating and beds tired and no comfort. 

    Owner Inspection will award a score of between 1 and 5 in each specific area.
    • 1 = acceptable
    • 2 = average
    • 3 = good
    • 4 = very good
    • 5 = excellent

    Based on this score, establishments will be given an overall quality rating on a scale of

    One to Five Stars, based on the chart below.

    34—47% 1 star
    48—59% 2 star

    60—74% 3 star

    75—86% 4 star

    87—100% 5 star


    A dishwasher, clothes washing machine and dryer would qualify 5 stars. 
    skyQ and WiFi compared to freeview and lower spec electric equipment. 
    A large freezer and fridge compared to a smaller fridge




    Other factors to consider are:

    1. specs of caravan high end, standard to basic
    2. old vans may have been upgraded with high specs and features

    New or nearly new should be 5 stars

    prices will command premium rates


    After 5 year old it drops to 4 stars

    prices are standardised

    however the condition needs to be like new if quality is not to standard drops to 3 stars

    After 10 years only 3 stars prices should be below the standard rate

    however if the quality is tired and requires up dating drops to 2 stars

    prices will be below standard rates

    all caravans over 10 years old without boiler central heating, double glazed, or ramp access should be 1 star prices should be below standard rates

    A five star rating system is proposed maybe administered by caravan resorts to address poor quality and over priced private hire and resorts who hire their holiday homes.

    1 Star = economy no thrills tired but clean

    2 Star = basic and clean

    3 Star = good quality,comfort and personal

    4 Star = superior standard quality

    5 Star = luxury and flawless less than four years  to new. Also standard of spec

    Price levels should match or reflect quality and featuress

    1 Star – Caravans, Chalet & Lodges


















    Specifications: 4 berth, 6 berth, 8 berth & 10 berth.1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms & 4 bedrooms. Gas central heating and water, Double Glased Windows,
    Age: Range from Brand new, 4 year, 8 year & 10 year.

    Conditions: A 10 year old property maybe regularly updated or refurbished to new.