Caravan Owners – white paper for discussion

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Owner’s Who Hire

The Alternative Sub Hire – the best management

While the others offer a good sub-hire service they can be better. Major improvements with management is the key area. More control over the types who cause problems. A care bond works it puts off those who don’t care.

  1. We take a £100 care bond – this is a positive deterrent to keep away the rogue element from your pride and joy
  2. We charge you 20% on the sales this includes covering marketing, checking and check outs, cleaning and laundry
  3. We recommend the hire rate for your holiday home which is a market rate and based on a new star rating
  4. you have more control over date availability
  5. inspection carried out during the hire period to curb over occupancy and pets
  6. Your income payments can be monthly or weekly rather than yearly

One of many frustrating things listening to neighbours is the newspaper promotions which are stealing from owners income. There will be no promotions to worry about.

The pitch fees need contributing to and the main reason why owners seek to sublet. You could handle it all yourself or you pay for someone else to manage the process.

Hire out your static to help sub the pitch fees

There are a few guidelines

  1. You need insurance cover for subletting
  2. Current electric and gas safety check documents
  3. tv licence
  4. pack test all electrical equipment that is not new without 12 month warranty
  5. condition of holiday home affects the star rating