Electricity  meter is located in the rear bedroom wardrobe. In the event where there is no electric check if there  is a credit reading.  If empty we will arrange for credit to be added. However it maybe quicker to go to Park Dean Resort owners select at the entrance to the park and buy a £7 card and we will refund you on check out.  If there is a fault Park Dean  have engineers on site who will resolve any issue. 24-7

Gas supplied using bottles there is an automatic bottle changer when a bottle is empty.  On rare occassions we can get caught out where the reserve bottle is empty. Park Dean can supply on the same day we need to be informed so we can arrange delivery and payment.

Electric and Gas should be covered for your stay.  If there is heavy use we could be caught off guard.

Electric fire – If the central heating is set low constantly the electric fire is a great boost to heating the reception

HD TV, Sky Q and Bluray/Dvd player

There are five handsets

  1. TV
  2. sky Q
  3. Bluray and DVD (bluray only in honeysuckle)
  4. Sound box
  5. Electric fife
    • TV is a high defination Ultra – press the green button to switch on
    • Sky Q box – press the standby green button to switch on
    • Sound Bar – press the standby green button

Reverse these to switch off

The TV searches for the Sky box make sure the TV is not on the Bluray/DVD mode and. Switched off (one up from the centre bottom TV handset controls the modes for TV>SKY>B/DVD

SkyQ HD is limited to satellite function only their is no subscriptions to cinema or movies. There is no telephone line to the property to connect to the Internet you can use our mobile broadband . There are up to 8 devices available. SkyQ with catch up and Netflix. SkyQ subscriptions are not available.

You can record anything you need from the sky tv guide select the red record button the programme you wish to record. To access your recordings select the sky menu : Recordings

Netflix – now available free of charge

Trouble shooting –

No signal : Select the source list via the remote following button

Select HML1 for the Blu-ray/dvd make sure the box is switched on

The sky signal is on the Hml4 channel select to connect to Sky make sure the skybox is switched on.

Every thing has frozen – switch off the power

The sky power is behind the box pull out the blue cable if you have difficulty accessing the plug switch

The TV, sound bar and dvd/Blu-ray plugs should be pulled out from the extension socket the plug is hidden behind the TV screen.

bluray /dvd – select the TV remote source list button

Use the remove to open and close the disc, play and select disc menu

Security System

This is optional ideally if you are away over night or for long periods of the day.

We are not responsable or our insurance policy covers your personal items of value against loss or damage. Your home or holiday insurance should cover these.

If you plan to be away for any length of time set the internal alarm system using the key provided. The security box is located in the boiler cupboard. All windows should be closed and locked.  If you require the windows open make sure the handle locks are engaged.

There are sensors throughout the holiday home linked to Park Dean security team. They are located at the main entrance of the Park.

Donot turn on the system when you are asleep.

Central heating System

Please use the electric heater in the reception room before switching on the central heating.

Hot water and radiators are controlled by the combi boiler next to the fridge.

Hot Water – Dial should be on constant

Central Heating –  Each raditor throughout the holiday home can be switched off or  control the level of heat independently. (The central heating would need to be switched on. Please donot have raditors on when there are windows open. The main issue is getting too warm we have found during the summer months we turn on the central heating for an hour in the evenings and early in the mornings.  You can program the heating to go on and off at times to suit you using the dial.

Ideally the heating system should not be used while you sleep. The bedding duvays  have a high togg and you may need to just use the durvay covers only. The matresses have protectors which must not be removed if you are getting too hot place a towel on top of the fitted sheet, turn off the rad if on and open a window to the lock position.