Washer & Dryer

Washer dryer and dryer (PLEASE DO NOT USE AFTER 9pm) This will disturb others.

With the local park laundrette charging for a full load £15 for wash and dry if you have a hour to waste. Save money and time and take advantage of our feature.

Keeping your laundry up to date will make your return home less daunting.

Drying towels can be ideal on wet days.

  1. Located at the back of the holiday home in a lockable unit.  brand new Separate washer and dryer. Not on a meter

We have changed the washing machine while the other is in repair.

Washer 7kg load

1400 spinning speed you will need to purchase or bring your own  washing detergents and softners.

The Dryer – ideal for damp towels and general laundry can be used at the same time as the washer.

There is no insurance cover for damage to clothing caused by high temperature washes. when a delicate wash should have been used.

The unit needs to be locked at all times even when in use.

There is a laundrete at the resort costs about £15 per wash and dry. So this will save you time and money.

Please remember to remove the fluff from the dryer filter after every use.

we changed the washer to a washer dryer please avoid using the dryer it’s not very effective use the separate dryer to dry

Washing machine instructions – please don’t use the dryer on this machine use the other dryer

  1. open door and place clothing inside
  2. place washing tablets at the same time
  3. if you are using liquid detergent use the right hand section of the draw
  4. if using softener use the centre  section of the draw
  5. using the dial select the clothing type and temperature and spin speed
  6. press the go button

Dryer machine – is vented

  1. select the time to dry
  2. select high or low heat
  3. Select go

lock the storage shed even when in use